Farmyard Room

“In our Farmyard room we provide a war, cosy and homely atmosphere for children aged 3 months- 16 months”

We believe that our Farmyard room provides the first steps towards your child’s learning journey. Because of this we have split our room into three areas which enable us to provide an all round stimulating environment that offers the children the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace with the support and guidance from our caring and well trained team.

Firstly, is our “cosy room” which is filled with soft furnishings along with a variety of accessible toys that promote all areas of children’s development, from playing in a baby gym, grasping hand held rattles, to posting toys through shape sorters and building large constructions with duplo bricks. Typical activities covered in this age group consist of singing, looking at books, playing with light up toys and musical toys, exploring shape sorters and stacking rings.

Second, is our “focus room” where we provide the children a creative space that enables them to get messy and investigate with paint, glue, gloop, sand, shredded paper, pasta, rice, jelly and water. Children are also encouraged to develop their fine motor skills through mark making opportunities with crayons, chalks and paint brushes.

Lastly, is our “sensory room” which allows the children to spend time exploring and investigating with natural and everyday objects, also known as treasure baskets and heuristic play. These opportunities enable the children to develop their skills across all areas of development in a relaxing atmosphere, colourfully lit with soft music and aromatherapy.

In addition to this, we have a separate outdoor learning environment where the children are able to explore in our sand pit, digging area and herb garden, play with the balls, bubbles and small trikes or investigate with the sound line. We also have the luxury of a six seated buggy which allows us to take the children out of the nursery to the local pond, nature reserve and park.