Farmyard Daily Routine

The routine within this room is flexible to suit the children’s individual needs, whilst we encourage them to follow the nursery routine the children will sleep at various times throughout the day and this is accommodated.

08:00 – 09:00   BREAKFAST TIME/ Structured Free Play
8:45   Nappy Time
9:00-9:45    Free Play/ Sensory Play
9:45-10.00   SNACK TIME
10.10-11.00   Messy Play/ Active Play/ Outdoor Play
10:45   Nappy Time
11:00-11:15    Song Time
11:15-12:00   LUNCH TIME
12:00-2:00   Sleep/Resting Time
2:00- 2:15   DRINK TIME
2:00   Nappy Time
2:15-3:15   Free Play/ Messy Play/Outdoor Play
3:15- 3:30    Song Time
3:30- 4:00   TEA TIME
4:00   Nappy Time
4:00-6:00   Free Play/ Sensory Play/ Active Play