Meadow Room

β€œIn our Meadow Room we provide structured exciting play opportunities for children aged 2-3 years encouraging them to develop their self esteem and independence.””

We offer children with the opportunity to play with a variety of accessible toys that promote all areas of their development from acting out scenarios from home to matching shapes and exploring colours. Typical activities covered within this age group consist of nature walks, discussing life cycles and bark rubbing together with, celebrating various festivals such as Chinese New Year whereby the children explored with five spice play dough, danced to Chinese music and ate a scrumptious tea, along with St Georges Day where by the children dressed as Knights, decorated a large dragon and enjoyed a
traditional English tea.
We also have a separate creative area where the children are able to get messy and investigate with paint, glue, gloop, sand, shredded paper, pasta, rice, jelly and water, along with developing their mark making skills with use of the easel and drawing table. Children in this age group have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our messy mornings, covering their selves in head to toe with paint!

In addition to this, we offer the children with a choice of outdoor play where they are able to explore in our mud kitchen to make mud pies; role play in our builders yard; hunt for mini beasts in our investigation area and explore sound using our homemade music wall.

Along with this, we have space for cars, bikes, scooters and trucks; climbing and balancing, ball games and our very own fruit and vegetable growing patch.

We also take the children out of the nursery to the local pond; nature reserve and park where they are able to explore and investigate the environment as well as taking risks with the larger apparatus.