2021 Events

All events are subject to change based on the coronavirus guidance published by the government at the time the event is scheduled.







Tuesday 12th

Savoury bake off day

The children will have the opportunity to make a selection of savoury snacks. This is a great opportunity to share ideas and have fun whilst promoting healthy eating.


Monday 8th

Mad about Maths

Today we will be doing lots of fun maths activities and making maths fun.
Throughout the day we will be doing various activities looking at number recognition, going on shape hunts and singing number rhymes.


Friday 19th

Training day

The nursery will be closed for staff training


Thursday 4th

World book day

Children/staff are to come dressed in as a character from their favourite book if they want to.
As we feel books and early reading are very important for children throughout the day the children will be encouraged to talk about their favourite stories and staff will be reading these to them in a variety of different ways such as, puppet shows, role play, interactive stories etc.


Monday 22nd

National colour day.

Children will be encouraged to explore the world looking at different shades of colour, we will have different activities set out which will encourage early colour recognition and even mixing colours together such as, painting, bubbles and powder paint. If they would like to the children are encouraged to wear their favourite colour to nursery.


Tuesday 30th


Children are invited to come to nursery dressed in multicolours!


We will be body painting, making coloured water bombs, making powder paint bombs, using a variety of textures to make coloured pictures, making coloured biscuits and rainbow cakes!



Thursday 1st

Easter fun day

Throughout the day the children will be able to take part in a variety of Easter activities.
In the afternoon we will have an Easter Egg hunt for all of the children to take part if they want to.


Tuesday 11th


We will be celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid by taking part in various arts, crafts and messy activities such as; making celebration cards, creating picture of the stars and the moon, dressing up in Sari’s and listening to music.

In the afternoon will have a feast exploring different Islamic food.


W/c 17th

Growing week & Duckling Visit


This week we will be focusing on learning more about lifecycles and looking at how things grow. This will include a butterfly farm, as well as planting in the garden ready for the Summer.

The children will also have the chance to see some duckling eggs hatch and to take care of them in their early days.
The ducks will be seen by all ages and we will be learning about growth, life cycles and how we care for living things.


Wednesday 12th

Parents Evening


Parent & Key Worker 10 minutes consultations


Friday 4th

Environment Day

The children will be invited to take part in various activities to celebrate environment day such as, learning about recycling and how to look after our environments.



Thursday 17th

Road Safety Day 

Children are encouraged to bring their bikes to nursery and learn about road safety. We will use our Road Safety role play equipment in the garden for the children to use during role play and the older children will learn about different types of crossings. We will also make various arts and crafts to support their learning.


Wednesday 23rd

Sports Day

The children will be encouraged to take part in teams/rooms for our sports day. This will include mini assault courses, running races and others. This will give them the opportunity to explore different ways of moving and the opportunity to discuss the effects physical activity has on our bodies.


Tuesday 13th

Pizza Party

One of the most popular foods on the planet – Pizza.
The children will be given the opportunity to go to the shops to purchase ingredients and to make their own design of pizza and discuss their choices.


Thursday 22nd

Pre School Graduation


Invitations to follow with further details.
Graduation ceremony is for children who will be leaving to start reception.


Tuesday 27th 

Training Day

The nursery will be closed for staff training



Wednesday 11th

Teddy bears Picnic

The children will be asked to bring their favourite teddy bears to nursery for a fun filled day of activities and to use as a talking point. We will have a Teddy bears picnic in the afternoon.


Friday 17th 

Cake bake day

The children will have the opportunity to make a selection of our favourite cakes.


Wednesday 13th  

Parents Evening


Parent & Key Worker 10 minutes consultations



Friday 29th 


The nursery will be decorated with a Halloween theme; the children are permitted to come to nursery dressed in Halloween fancy dress and will participate in a number of activities such as pumpkin carving, making pumpkin cake, and making various arts and crafts.


Wednesday 27th

Training Day

The nursery will be closed for staff training




Children in Need

Children/staff plan activities to fundraise to make a difference for those children who are in need. This is our one charity day per year to introduce to children what charities are and how we can support them/raise money.


Wednesday 15th

Nursery Christmas dinner and party

The children will be having a Christmas lunch and party tea and will participate in party games and Christmas activities throughout the day. Father Christmas will also visit the children to give them a gift.


Thursday 24th

Christmas Eve- 2pm Closure

The nursery will close at 2 pm and all parents are expected to collect their child by this time.

Merry Christmas!