2019 Events






Monday 21st

Bright Comets Bake Off

All parents are invited into the nursery to make cakes and biscuits with their children.


Tuesday 5th

Chinese New  Year

Children are encouraged to come to nursery dressed in red, the food menu will be Chinese food based and the children will take part in various Chinese activities throughout the day


Wednesday 13th

Pizza Party

The most popular food on the planet – pizza.
Children will be given the chance to go to the shops to purchase the ingredients and to make their own design of pizza and discuss their choice.


Tuesday 19th

Training Day

The nursery will be closed for staff training


Friday 1st

St David’s Day

The children will be encouraged to come to nursery dressed in red, white and green, all children will make Welsh flags.


Tuesday 5th

Pancake day

The children will be learning how to flip pancakes and will explore a variety of toppings and ingredients. At tea they will eat pancakes.


Thursday 7th

World book day

Children/staff are encouraged to come dressed in as a character from their favourite book.
Parents invited in 9:30-10:00am to read with the children
All will be given book vouchers 


Friday 15th

St Patrick’s Day

The children are asked to dress up in green and the children will make flags and shamrocks.


Friday 29th

Mother’s Day  Messy Play & Afternoon Tea

The children will make cards and gifts during the lead up to Mother’s Day; a variety of messy play will be provided and Mothers will be encouraged to come in and explore this with their child. We will have a special Afternoon Tea for Mothers and children.


Week commencing 15th

Easter fun week

Throughout the week the children will be making Easter Card’s taking part in Easter cooking and other Easter arts and crafts.
On the 18th we will have an Easter Egg hunt for all of the children.


Tuesday 23rd

St Georges Day

Children are encouraged to come to nursery dressed in red and white, they will make flags the English flags to take home.


Monday 29th

Parents Evening

Parent & Key Worker 10 minutes consultations


 Friday 10th   

Road Safety Day 

Children are encouraged to bring their bikes to nursery and learn about road safety. We will use our Road Safety role play equipment in the garden for the children to use during role play and the older children will learn about crossings. We will also make various arts and crafts to support their learning.


W/C 13th – 17th

Growing week

This week we will be focusing on learning lifecycles and looking at how things grow. This will include animals; butterfly farm. As well as planting in the garden ready for the Summer.


Tuesday 30th

Training Day

The nursery will be closed for staff training


Friday 7th

The Queen’s Birthday

The children will be making British flags and crowns to celebrate the Queens birthday. We will end the day with a Birthday English Afternoon Tea in the Garden.


Friday 14th

Father’s Day, Fun Day

The children will make cards and gifts during the lead up to Father’s Day.
Throughout the morning a variety of activities and games will be provided for the Fathers to come in and join in with their child.


Wednesday 26th

Sports Day

 Children will be encouraged to wear appropriate colours for their team and will take part in different sporting races throughout the day. Times and Groups TBC.


Thursday 11th

Teddy bears Picnic

The children will be asked to bring their teddy bears to nursery for a fun filled day and a picnic in the afternoon.


Thursday 25th

Pre School Graduation

Invitations to follow with further details.


Wednesday 14th 


The children will be encouraged to explore different sensed play dough, make and dress up in sari’s and make Eid Cards; the day will be finished with a banquet



People Who Help Us Week

We will be inviting the Vets, Police, Fire Service and Dentist into the nursery to give talks to the children. During the week the children will be taking part in various arts, crafts and planned activities to support their understanding of this topic. We will finish the week with a finale party on the Friday in which the children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite superhero.


Thursday 29th

Bright Comets Bake Off

All parents are invited into the nursery to make a selection of savoury goods with their child.


Tuesday 10th

Pirate Day

The children are invited to come to nursery dressed as pirates and engage in activities such as a treasure hunt; pirate themed tuff spots and sand trays; making large pirate ships to use for role play and making patches, hats and telescopes.


Monday 23rd

Harvest Festival

All parents are asked to donate, fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, packets and tins to the nursery for the children to take to Hatfield Care home, during their visit they will meet the elderly people and sing nursery rhymes. During the week a number of activities will be carried out to explore what harvest festival is.


Wednesday 2nd

Grandparents Day

All grandparents are invited to the nursery at the set times to explore nursery life with their Grandchild and participate in a number of fun activities.


Thursday 17th


The children will be exploring and learning about different animals and species, including reptiles, mini beasts, farm and zoo animals.  They will carry out a number of fun and educational activities surrounding this.
The nursery will also be inviting “Zoo Lab” in for all the children to explore a variety of real life animals.


Wednesday 30th

Training Day

The nursery will be closed for staff training


Thursday 31st October

Nursery Halloween Party 2-4

The nursery will be decorated with a Halloween theme; the children are asked to come to nursery dressed in spooky fancy dress and will participate in a number of activities such as pumpkin carving, making pumpkin cake, and making various arts and crafts.


Friday 8th

Remembrance Day

The children are asked to come to nursery dressed in red. Poppies and other materials will be made available within the reception for people to buy with a small donation. The children will then be making poppy pictures and poppy inspired cakes to take home.


Monday 11th

Parents Evening

10 minutes consultations for the parent and key worker.


Monday 18th

Bring a Bottle Pyjama Day

The children are asked to come to the nursery dressed in the Pyjama’s and bring a bottle of fizz, alcohol, bubble bath or condiments to donate towards our Christmas Fete bottle tombola


Wednesday 27th


The children will be making lanterns to hang throughout the nursery; making tea light holders to send home and exploring lentils and pulses through play and to create pictures.


Friday 29th

St Andrews Day

We ask that all the children come to nursery dressed in blue and white. We will also be making some Scottish flags to send home.



Children in Need

Children/staff plan activities to  fundraising to make a difference  



Christmas Fete 10-1

Come and join us for some mulled wine, mince pies and festive fun! Christmas stalls, activity stalls and arts and crafts areas will be available for the children as well as a Santa’s grotto, a raffle and a surprise guest.


Tuesday 10th Wednesday 11th

Pre School Nativity Play 2.30

Invitations to follow


Wednesday 18th

Nursery Christmas dinner and party

The children will be having a Christmas lunch and party tea and will participate in party games and Christmas activities throughout the day. Father Christmas will also visit the children to give them a gift.


Tuesday 24th

Christmas Eve- 2pm Closure

The nursery will close at 2 pm and all parents are expected to collect their child by this time.